Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Un Momento Perfetto (A perfect moment)

“This is so good,” I whisper under my breath.

The coffee barista has just looked in my direction, unable to understand what I have said in English. I look up and smile, “Perfetto!” This time, understanding, she smiles and responds with a beautiful and natural “grazie.”

This was one of those moments…you know those moments...the ones where you realize that you aren’t dreaming about what is going on, one of those moments where you realize you are awake and everything around you is real, one of those moments where everything comes together perfectly.

I seem to have one of these moments each day here in Italy. I think it reminds me that I am not imagining all of this: I am really back in Tuscany—I am really living the life of pasta, and pizza, and cappuccino all over again, I am really HERE. Normally, I have these moments each night when I walk past the Duomo—an epic sight to see.

But today, today my moment has come earlier. It has come at a time when most of the world really is dreaming, when most of the world doesn’t care if I add sugar or not to my mug, when most of the world is missing out.

Today, my moment is with this cappuccino, this delightful blend of espresso and milk; this mix of mocha; this heartwarming cup of coffee.

Unlike all of the other cups that I have had, this one seems to stand taller and carries itself a bit more elegantly. It is as if it knows that it has been better than the rest.

A tiny tear forms in the back of my eye as I realize this moment is nearly coming to an end, this one morning stand. And so I reach into my pocket, hoping and begging my lint to have some coins stuffed in between it. I just need ONE more of these cappuccini NOW. I look for change frantically, wishing coins would simply appear. After digging through my pockets one last time, I realize this moment is over, this one morning stand is officially, and sadly, done.

“That was so good.” I whisper again under my breath—with a sadness in my voice. And then I think to myself, “That was the best so far.”

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