Thursday, December 2, 2010

Il cucchiaio di magia che non era magico (The magic spoon that wasn't magical)

A slotted spoon can't hold much milk--and a chocolate one can't make a bad cappuccino taste much better. But it can fulfill a chocolate craving...

Maybe, just maybe, I built my expectations up about my coffee drink just a bit too much before walking to Hemingway SRL yesterday, a hip coffee shop that my friends had been telling me about for weeks, "You gotta go to Hemingways. They have the best coffee drinks." What my friends really meant was, "They have the best coffee drinks with alcohol." Me, the nondrinker, of course, just wanted the simple treat of a cappuccino. And when I learned that I had the opportunity to drink it with a chocolate spoon, I clearly had to jump at it.
I took a scoop of foam with the chocolate spoon and brought what I believed would be a wonderful creation to my mouth. The combination of the temperature of my mouth and the temperature of the cappuccino melted the chocolate spoon in my mouth--and nearly instantly a sweet, melted, deliciously, delightful feeling filled my mouth. But what was to follow wasn't so
magical. As the spoon melted nearly completely into my cappuccino as well as my mouth, the espresso that I had finally reached, beneath the foamy fantasticalness, proved bitter--a disappointment. Not even the chocolate spoon could do much for this disaster of an espresso. But at least it fulfilled my chocolate craving...Even Hemingway looks a bit angry in the background.

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