Monday, December 20, 2010

Tutto Voglio Per Natale (All I want for Christmas)

What if inanimate objects could have their way…what if inanimate objects could make wishes…what if all the cappuccino in Rome could make a Christmas list…

Buon Giorno Santa,

I am writing to you because I hear that you are the big man with the extra big heart, and there is a lot I want this year. I am cappuccino and I live in every caffe and bar in Rome. I have never written to you before. But there are some important things I would like to ask for this year.

1. People that don’t rush through their cappuccino—that truly and thoroughly enjoy our company—that would like to have a conversation before a sip—that would like to be friends—even for brief instances.

2. A few designer spoons for people to stir us with would be nice—so that while our drinkers sip in style—they stir in style as well.

3. Clean steamers at each of the caffes so that we don’t smell when we are poured into the cup. We need to be so fresh—and so clean for our patrons.

4. Raw sugar that has no expiration date in the near future—so that we do not taste stale when the espresso portion of our serving has reached the tongue of our drinker.

5. And please—above all and most importantly, send us the ability to always be beautifully dressed—garnished with foam that invites our drinker in like a bubble bath—that makes our drinker want to float around on a blow up tube and sip us up from beneath them with a straw.

Please, Santa, just keep granting us the ability to be delicious—just keep us loved.

And no worries, we know the drill. We will leave biscotti and milk (steamed) on each of our tables! (And if you get tired from your long ride around the world, we will make sure to leave the espresso machines on…We know you need your energy—and that big heart should never stop beating!)


Cappuccini di Roma

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