Thursday, January 27, 2011

WWLD Per un Cappuccino? (What would Libs do for a Cappuccino?)

If there were only one cappuccino left to drink in the entire world…if all the foaming machines would vaporize after that last cappuccino, and all the coffee beans would just disappear, what would…do for that LAST cappuccino in the world?

1. Walk on Fire

2. Steal candy from a baby

3. Stick one finger into boiling hot water

4. Sleep on nails

5. Steal the cane from an elderly person to the cup first. The tortoise isn’t winning this one.

6. Jump over the rooftops of all the skyscrapers in NYC.

7. Listen to the Jonas Brothers on repeat for six weeks straight (YUCK)

8. Go into a life of solitude after (both the cappuccino and the Jonas Brothers!)

9. Burn (in a fire) all her NSYNC CDS

10. Never sing Bye Bye Bye at karaoke again.

11. Seduce the baristo

12. Swim the English Channel (with floaties)

13. Break all her One Tree Hill DVDS

14. Give up the opportunity to meet Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, and Johnny Depp.

15. Pass on the chance to date Jake G, Toby M, and Leo D.

16. Get an I LOVE CAPPUCCINO TATTOO Across my face.

17. Get a lower back tattoo of a cappuccino spoon

18. Go tanning and get a tan so that a cappuccino pattern developed on my back in all white…

19. Give up tickets to a Betty White episode of SNL

GIVE UP ALL DIGNITY…just for that last bubble bath of foam

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